Why Queens Peak Dundee Road is Great Investment

Queens Peak Dundee Road is a work of MCC Land in Singapore. It is a work of art. It is perfect on so many levels that once you start counting its benefits, you can’t get enough of them. There are several things that matter when you buy a residential area, a flat or an apartment for yourself.

If you are a single person, then one bedroom is enough. For a family, even four bedrooms can be less. There are certain other factors that can’t be ignored while buying a house, after all, the investment you make should be worth it. The question is, why Queens Peak Dundee road is a great investment?

Is Investing in Queens Peak Dundee Road worth it?

There are several factors besides the house itself that matter a lot to the residing people. There is the connectivity of the residence to the city and the facilities. There are several facilities that people need such as, transport, grocery stores, shopping malls and other things that are very important.

Then for the families there is the availability of schools and universities. They are also very important since the best schools provide the best shaping to your children.

Queens Peak Dundee Road has everything that is described above. From transport to education, everything is within your reach.

Queens Peak Dundee Road


The transport facility from Queens Peak Dundee road is one of the most convenient facilitates that it has. It is located from a very short walking distance to the Queenstown MRT station. One can easily reach the station in no time and from the station you can reach anywhere you want without any inconvenience at all.

There are many other important places that you can reach without any problem when you select Queens Peak as your abode. Everything can be reached in just a matter of minutes while driving.


There are several facilities that are available near this development. There are many malls and shopping centers. There is also the Ikea Alexandra that is very useful to you in order to furnish your new house.

And because it is very close, you don’t have to find any difficulty in bringing the items you buy. Grocery stores are very nearby. They are very important since they have all the essential things that a person needs for him/herself.


Education is a very important aspect of life. For children, it is very important because it does not only train them for future but also gives them a good personality. There are several educational institutes near Queens Peak location. There is Crescent Girls School and also near to the residence there is The National University of Singapore.

All these factors, combined, make the residence stand out. They are very important things that should be a part of your residence. These were all the things that you need to know to convince yourself that why Queens Peak Dundee road is a great investment.

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