What Are the Popular Facilities at Alex Residences?

Alex Residences developed by Singland is a future project with really high-profit potential. It has 490 units if condo style units ranging from one to three bedrooms size. You can choose any suitable size according to your need a family size. It is present at the center of Business District making it even more worthy among the investors and buyers. Alex Residences is equipped with all the major amenities and facilities possible to lead a great life in today’s world. A number of beneficial facilities are given here to make our decision making easier.

Alex Residences

Play Park in Alex Residences

It is present on the first floor for your children. It will help to provide children with wonderful rides and other attractions. You can take your children at a safe place to play now.


There are a number of pools available. The pools range from the pool bar, Lilypond, Family pool to the pool deck to provide more ease. Every kind of pool is available from friends, family to business gatherings. There is also a rooftop pool on the 40th floor that adds up to the attraction because of the view it offers.


Gymnasium is present at 2nd floor which is easily accessible. It is the best place to sweat out when you are exhausted by the daily routine of the work. It is highly equipped with all the modern technology to give you the best experience possible.

Meeting places

There are certain places for arranging meetings. Meeting bar and meeting square are present on the fourth floor to provide you a peaceful place to have a talk at. These meeting places are calm and with all the necessities.

Reading yard

A peaceful place is available for the book lovers. This place has a number of great books including classics to release your boredom.

Party places

Lounges are available to conduct high-end parties for celebration. Dining pavilion, sky lounge, part lounge, sky pool and Hammock Garden are some of those places on different floors where you can hold parties.


Female changing rooms and male changing rooms are present separately on the 40th floor. A restroom is also present on the first floor for your convenience.

Nature Deck

For nature lovers, a nature deck is present that contains many natural attractions. Hammock Garden is also present to give you a serene feeling of being close to nature.


There is a porch which is entrance lobby as well as another lobby which is referred as Piazza. BBQ pavilion is also present to enjoy a tasty appetite. The family pavilion is here to enjoy and spend some quality time with your family.

Sculpture court

It is present on the first floor to prevent the cultural heritage. Sculptures of different types are present there for people having this valuable talent and hobby.

Like all these amenities many other wonderful places like Brewhouse, Spa pool, and forest trail for driving more attention. All these facilities in Alex Residences are present for providing more ease to the residents.


Alex Residences showflat is situated about 2 minutes walk from actual site. Visitors are required to make appointment in advance before visiting.

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