Highline Residences Showflat Address at Actual Project Site

Highline Residences is a well-structured and executed project developed by the prestigious developer Keppel Land. This is a huge project for building condominium and is of residential type. What makes Highline Residences different from other residential project is its perfect location. The locationĀ for Highline Residences showflat address is same on the project site.

The building covers of about 118,303 square feet of the total area and is comprised of two 36 floors buildings, one 21 floors building and 4 small buildings consist of 4 levels only. Apart from that it has 2 penthouses as well. The architectural design of the building is unique and attractive. The real picture of the building is seen when you visit the place. For that book an appointment for the highline residences showflat and address of showflat location is same as of the actual project site.

Highline Residences showflat address

Highline Residences Facilities and Luxuries:

Highline Residences apartment are full of luxuries and the building is comprised of many facilities that you look in finding a place to live. Not only the basic necessities but it also gives you the luxuries you want. Highline Residences is a secured place to live with a decent and well-mannered elite neighborhood. It is covered with many famous places all around, from malls to food centers to coffee shops to cafes.

It also has pool, aqua deck, pool pavilion, Spa Pod, children playground, fitness station, picnic lawn, clubhouse, sun deck, maze garden, reading loft, barbeque pavilion, spice garden, Leisure pool, Water courtyard and Pedestrian gate.

These facilities are provided around the building, and the building itself has sky terrace on the 4-story building. Plus, on the 1st level of the 36-floor building is, art lounge, butterfly garden, dreamcatcher Hammock, swing garden, water cascade, fitness pavilion, Reflexology Walk and terrace garden.

The terrace garden gives you the opportunity to be close to nature and people interested in gardening can fulfill their hobby of plantation. The condos are furnished using the antique interiors and keeps you modern and to close to nature as well.

Visiting Highline Residences Showflat Address:

For Highline Residences showflat address is same as that of actual location of the project site. Showflat location is entertained only if you have an appointment that could be made through the online registration form and by calling the agent as well. You will get to know the place better when you visit the site and you will be mesmerized by the building and the areas around it.

Clean and elite neighborhood, connectivity to everywhere in the city, availability of schools, shops and malls makes highline residences a perfect place to live on. It provides basic facilities for you and your family. Site seeing will provide you a more apprehend look of the building. Once the project is completed you will be facilitate with all the luxuries and on a reasonable price. Highline residences will provide a dream house for all the future inhabitants fulfilling all of their needs.

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