Clement Canopy Showflat is Opening to the Public Soon

Clement Canopy at Ave 1

Clement Canopy showflat is situated next to the actual project site. Both UOL and SingLand are top developers of the country. There are many others that placed several bids for the land but these two developers won. It is all because the location is very good. It is perfect for living. It has numerous benefits for the residents. This is why many developers wanted to own the land.

The floor plan and the site plan of the establishment is ready and the construction processes are about to start any time. It is a very anticipated project and people are very excited about it. There are many people that wish to live there once it is complete. This is because it is offering a lot if facilitates and they are all provided by the top developers of Singapore.

For the people that are interested, the Clement Canopy showflat is about to be exhibited any time. People can go there and know everything that is there to know about the living estate. It has a very beautiful site plan and many people are excited for it to be finished.

Clement Canopy Showflat

The Clement Canopy has started developing. It is said that it will be one of the most advanced developments that have ever been made. There are several other housing and residential estates that are in Singapore, but clement canopy is going to be far ahead of them in the standards of living. There are many people that know about the floor plan and the site plan of the development, hence they are very excited about it. The floor plan are simply amazing. They show how much work there is done to give the people such incredible designs.

There are many other amazing things about the design too. People that are interested in the clement canopy can visit the show flat for further information. But since there are a lot of people that are interested, their visits to the Clement Canopy showflat can be made only under appointment. And for appointment they have to call at the showflat hotline. Arrangements can also be made if you want to visit as a VVIP.

The Clement Canopy showflat

UOL and Singapore Land – Developers of Clement Canopy

One thing that is remarkable about the Clement Canopy is that it is being developed by two of the most successful developers; UOL and Singapore Land. The partnership of these two leading developers suggests that the project will be a huge success. It will have the best material and design. Everything about it is beyond perfect. The location, design, rooms, apartments and even pricing are the best ones yet.

The land was bought by the developers in 302.1 Million Singapore Dollars. That is because the land is very important. The location of the residential site is one of the things that are most admired about it. There are many other facilities too. But the location gives the people so much convenience that no one will miss the chance to visit the Clement Canopy showflat and book an apartment for them.

Highline Residences Showflat Address at Actual Project Site

Highline Residences is a well-structured and executed project developed by the prestigious developer Keppel Land. This is a huge project for building condominium and is of residential type. What makes Highline Residences different from other residential project is its perfect location. The location for Highline Residences showflat address is same on the project site.

The building covers of about 118,303 square feet of the total area and is comprised of two 36 floors buildings, one 21 floors building and 4 small buildings consist of 4 levels only. Apart from that it has 2 penthouses as well. The architectural design of the building is unique and attractive. The real picture of the building is seen when you visit the place. For that book an appointment for the highline residences showflat and address of showflat location is same as of the actual project site.

Highline Residences showflat address

Highline Residences Facilities and Luxuries:

Highline Residences apartment are full of luxuries and the building is comprised of many facilities that you look in finding a place to live. Not only the basic necessities but it also gives you the luxuries you want. Highline Residences is a secured place to live with a decent and well-mannered elite neighborhood. It is covered with many famous places all around, from malls to food centers to coffee shops to cafes.

It also has pool, aqua deck, pool pavilion, Spa Pod, children playground, fitness station, picnic lawn, clubhouse, sun deck, maze garden, reading loft, barbeque pavilion, spice garden, Leisure pool, Water courtyard and Pedestrian gate.

These facilities are provided around the building, and the building itself has sky terrace on the 4-story building. Plus, on the 1st level of the 36-floor building is, art lounge, butterfly garden, dreamcatcher Hammock, swing garden, water cascade, fitness pavilion, Reflexology Walk and terrace garden.

The terrace garden gives you the opportunity to be close to nature and people interested in gardening can fulfill their hobby of plantation. The condos are furnished using the antique interiors and keeps you modern and to close to nature as well.

Visiting Highline Residences Showflat Address:

For Highline Residences showflat address is same as that of actual location of the project site. Showflat location is entertained only if you have an appointment that could be made through the online registration form and by calling the agent as well. You will get to know the place better when you visit the site and you will be mesmerized by the building and the areas around it.

Clean and elite neighborhood, connectivity to everywhere in the city, availability of schools, shops and malls makes highline residences a perfect place to live on. It provides basic facilities for you and your family. Site seeing will provide you a more apprehend look of the building. Once the project is completed you will be facilitate with all the luxuries and on a reasonable price. Highline residences will provide a dream house for all the future inhabitants fulfilling all of their needs.

Why Queens Peak Dundee Road is Great Investment

Queens Peak Dundee Road is a work of MCC Land in Singapore. It is a work of art. It is perfect on so many levels that once you start counting its benefits, you can’t get enough of them. There are several things that matter when you buy a residential area, a flat or an apartment for yourself.

If you are a single person, then one bedroom is enough. For a family, even four bedrooms can be less. There are certain other factors that can’t be ignored while buying a house, after all, the investment you make should be worth it. The question is, why Queens Peak Dundee road is a great investment?

Is Investing in Queens Peak Dundee Road worth it?

There are several factors besides the house itself that matter a lot to the residing people. There is the connectivity of the residence to the city and the facilities. There are several facilities that people need such as, transport, grocery stores, shopping malls and other things that are very important.

Then for the families there is the availability of schools and universities. They are also very important since the best schools provide the best shaping to your children.

Queens Peak Dundee Road has everything that is described above. From transport to education, everything is within your reach.

Queens Peak Dundee Road


The transport facility from Queens Peak Dundee road is one of the most convenient facilitates that it has. It is located from a very short walking distance to the Queenstown MRT station. One can easily reach the station in no time and from the station you can reach anywhere you want without any inconvenience at all.

There are many other important places that you can reach without any problem when you select Queens Peak as your abode. Everything can be reached in just a matter of minutes while driving.


There are several facilities that are available near this development. There are many malls and shopping centers. There is also the Ikea Alexandra that is very useful to you in order to furnish your new house.

And because it is very close, you don’t have to find any difficulty in bringing the items you buy. Grocery stores are very nearby. They are very important since they have all the essential things that a person needs for him/herself.


Education is a very important aspect of life. For children, it is very important because it does not only train them for future but also gives them a good personality. There are several educational institutes near Queens Peak location. There is Crescent Girls School and also near to the residence there is The National University of Singapore.

All these factors, combined, make the residence stand out. They are very important things that should be a part of your residence. These were all the things that you need to know to convince yourself that why Queens Peak Dundee road is a great investment.

What Are the Popular Facilities at Alex Residences?

Alex Residences developed by Singland is a future project with really high-profit potential. It has 490 units if condo style units ranging from one to three bedrooms size. You can choose any suitable size according to your need a family size. It is present at the center of Business District making it even more worthy among the investors and buyers. Alex Residences is equipped with all the major amenities and facilities possible to lead a great life in today’s world. A number of beneficial facilities are given here to make our decision making easier.

Alex Residences

Play Park in Alex Residences

It is present on the first floor for your children. It will help to provide children with wonderful rides and other attractions. You can take your children at a safe place to play now.


There are a number of pools available. The pools range from the pool bar, Lilypond, Family pool to the pool deck to provide more ease. Every kind of pool is available from friends, family to business gatherings. There is also a rooftop pool on the 40th floor that adds up to the attraction because of the view it offers.


Gymnasium is present at 2nd floor which is easily accessible. It is the best place to sweat out when you are exhausted by the daily routine of the work. It is highly equipped with all the modern technology to give you the best experience possible.

Meeting places

There are certain places for arranging meetings. Meeting bar and meeting square are present on the fourth floor to provide you a peaceful place to have a talk at. These meeting places are calm and with all the necessities.

Reading yard

A peaceful place is available for the book lovers. This place has a number of great books including classics to release your boredom.

Party places

Lounges are available to conduct high-end parties for celebration. Dining pavilion, sky lounge, part lounge, sky pool and Hammock Garden are some of those places on different floors where you can hold parties.


Female changing rooms and male changing rooms are present separately on the 40th floor. A restroom is also present on the first floor for your convenience.

Nature Deck

For nature lovers, a nature deck is present that contains many natural attractions. Hammock Garden is also present to give you a serene feeling of being close to nature.


There is a porch which is entrance lobby as well as another lobby which is referred as Piazza. BBQ pavilion is also present to enjoy a tasty appetite. The family pavilion is here to enjoy and spend some quality time with your family.

Sculpture court

It is present on the first floor to prevent the cultural heritage. Sculptures of different types are present there for people having this valuable talent and hobby.

Like all these amenities many other wonderful places like Brewhouse, Spa pool, and forest trail for driving more attention. All these facilities in Alex Residences are present for providing more ease to the residents.


Alex Residences showflat is situated about 2 minutes walk from actual site. Visitors are required to make appointment in advance before visiting.

A visit to Lake Grande MCL

Lake Grande in Singapore is launched by MCL; beautiful location faces condominium is Jurong Lake. There are many places in Lake District. It is conveniently located near the cafe and restaurants. Also, many amenities are present that make life comfortable and more enjoyable. Lake Grande MCL is proved to be most significant, and natural life led opportunity. It is attaining great success in this project likewise all others. For instance, another important project is J gateway.

Lake Grande MCL

Lake Grande MCL

There is splendid, two MRT station located near to condo. Lakeside station and Chinese garden are just near to condo. The prestigious lifestyle brought to everyone through Lake Grande MCL is luxurious and facility oriented. It is made up 17 story apartments and four blocks, while the basement is composed of 2 carparks. One childcare and the communal facility are also present. What the residents live in Jurong Lake Grande is embedded with the splendid view of luxury living homes.

With the panoramic view of the lake for everyone i.e. visitors, foreigners and locals, the lake is the vast reservoir for fresh water. It is arranged in the prime Jurong locale of the Lake District, and the total private units are 710 in number. It is extraordinary, incredible and confronting towards Jurong Lake. It’s situated close to the Chinese garden and MRT.

Its some impressive facilities are Yoga deck, Sundeck, Tennis court, Swimming pool, Indoor Gym, Clubhouse, Guard House, Outdoor fitness station and childcare. Lake Grande MCL suite is best serving the private units that are equipped with giving full family eateries.

Lake Grande floor plan consist of one studio to five room condos, completely open and appropriate to the family needs. Lakeside area is providing extraordinary way of life heading in full quietness and serenity. The individuals who would prefer not to go past the city energy would discover every solace in its premises. It is the new major local focus that is situated in the west and of around 360 hectares. Jurong Gateway area and lakeside region are located at a similar place that offers energizing exercises identified with the JEM.

The best place to visit that offers tremendous excitement and pleasure at all levels. These are the best things to think about the Lake Grande Condo. It has the Singapore’s ice skating arena that is viewed as the main Olympic size range.

Another choice includes numerous joy, feasting, shopping and engaging offices. Lake Grande MCL also offers boutique waterfront eateries in future and boutique hotel offer the enormous wellspring of satisfaction to a crowd of people.

Besides, 500,000 square meter space for future business workplaces is approximated in addition to doctor’s facilities office. These are adequate fascination choices for locals, outsiders, and guests. They are additionally identified with the substantial occupation creation and different administrations while providing food high future interest for lease, enormous speculation potential, and capital esteem. With the large engagement with public while offering excellent facilities Lake Grande MCL is the superb place and becoming renown over time.

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